35 Things for your 35 L backpack

35 Things for your 35 L backpack

So you are planning a trip to some warmer countries where you want to backpack and sleep in guesthouses and dormrooms? This list might help you with deciding what is important to bring. Please note that this list doesn’t include clothes, which of course are of great importance if you don’t want to be arrested for nudity.

  1. Small Backpack

    For day tours

  2. Mosquito Net

    For rooms filled with bloodsuckers

  3. Silk Sleeping Bag

    Thin enough in warm nights, thick enough to let you feel more comfortable in a nasty dormroom bed

  4. Sleeping Mask

    Great for sleeping in daylight or nightbuses

  5. Small Torch

    For the nightly toilet visit or to reveal what the hell just crawled over your leg

  6. Ear plugs

    Get an undisturbed night of sleep or a little moment of peace and silence

  7. Inflatable Pillow

    Makes sitting and sleeping in local or long distance transport a bit more comfortable

  8. Sunscreen

    A sunburn on shoulders + wearing a backpack = Deep agony

  9. Deodorant

    You might be dirty and sweaty, but at least you smell like flowers

  10. Disinfection Gel

    Before meals, after toilet visits, after using public transport. Well, just use it often!

  11. Small Mirror

    Check if you look healthy and happy – then your trip is going well!

  12. Small Foldable Scissors

    Sssshhh… Airport security will not notice

  13. Disinfection Napkins

    When you suddenly realize you have sticky hands and don’t know the cause

  14. Microfiber Towel

    Easily washed and dries quickly

  15. Netbook/Tablet

    Uploading images and planning your next step is more comfortable on a bigger screen

  16. USB

    Transfer and print flight tickets etc.

  17. Fabric Bags

    Organizing underwear, socks, dirty clothes

  18. First Aid Kit

    For small emergencies: Plaster, wound disinfection, plastic gloves, tweezer etc.

  19. Money Belt

    Obviously not sexy, but hey! Your passport and money is safe

  20. Locks for Backpacks

    Feel safe about leaving your belongings, when you go on a daytrip

  21. Sewing Kit

    To fix clothes or your backpack. Sewing flags on your backpack to show that you are experienced and cool

  22. Point it

    A tiny book filled with photos, that helps you communicate with people, in case they don’t understand your language.

  23. SteriPen + Extra Batteries

    They should rather call it SteriWand! Wave this magic wand around in tap water, for half a minute (while whispering spells), and it transforms into drinkable water!

  24. Spork

    Spoon + Knife + Fork! For street food or when you don’t feel like eating with chopsticks or your hands

  25. Nalgene Bottle

    Perfect in combination with SteriWand

  26. Travel Adapter

    Get plugged in (mostly) anywhere

  27. Mouth Mask

    For tuktuk rides through smoggy cities or to make an impersonation of Bane

  28. Watch

    See what time it is without pulling out your fancy pancy smartphone

  29. Notebook & Pen

    Note useful tips from other travelers and get their contact info

  30. Sandals

    Good in any weather, any environment and on any terrain

  31. Toilet Paper

    Yes my friend, you will need it

  32. 35 L Backpack

    This bag is big enough for visiting most places in the world

  33. Folder for important documents

    Travel Insurance, vaccinations, grim looking passport photos

  34. Old Cellphone

    Is less noticed in crowds and public places than your iphone 6

  35. Hiking boots

    Be comfortable for longer walks and hikes



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