I love about being creative, travelling the world, meeting people and learning about spirituality, nature and life.

I have chosen a path, where I go where ever life takes me. It has been a very rewarding journey so far and I’m always eager to see what’s ahead the next turn.

I have a Danish mother and a German father and through my childhood and up until now I have lived in Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland. Sometimes I might seem culturally confused, since I can’t pin point which country I am from and usually base the answer on what I most feel like that day. The language I speak most fluently is Gerdanglish since it’s sometimes difficult for me to keep the languages apart. So yeah: I am a quite the definition of a European fusion.

I moved to southern Denmark from Ireland when I was 9 years old and was part of the German minority. Little did I know that on the other side of the border my true love was growing up in the Danish minority of northern Germany.

His name is Lennart. We have been together since we were classmates in highschool. A lot has changed through the years, but most of the changes have mended us even more to the team that we are today. I say team, because we live a life with not a lot of guidelines and together we somehow make it work.
Lennart loves outdoor adventures and his inner daredevil doesn’t know many limits. He loves snowboarding in fresh powder, driving down steep mountain bike paths and sailing in the fjord of his northern German hometown. He loves music and listens to everything from Abba to Ramstein and he can’t help to sing along.

We both thrive best when feeling completly free and beeing in charge of our own lives. Luckily we agree on most things, like what we want from life, what we value and what to do next. We are everything to each other and he is my all time favorite human being. I feel blessed for sharing my life with him. 36023764-heart-image

When we finished highschool we made a plan to work and travel before starting to study. What started with a plan of 2 years, has been going on since 2012. We’ve had different jobs with work contracts lasting only a winter season. In ski destinations they often recruit seasonal workers, because of the increased number of guests.
Learn more about how and why we travel or read about how we financed our travels through working in skidestinations.

Being creative has always been important to me. Instead of focusing on one thing I tend to be all over the place: painting, designing, tinkering, furnishing, decorating, sewing, baking, cooking, photographing, photoshopping, writing, making films and building websites. When it comes to my artworks I like to address social, cultural and environmental issues.

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