Seven Reasons to Travel Together

You might have come across the solo-travel blogs that say traveling solo, is the best way to travel.

And although we can relate to some of the statements, we discovered seven good reasons why traveling together with someone is awesome…

  •  Travel lighter: If you are two, you probably wont need two laptops, guidebooks, DSLRs and so on.
  •  Save money: save money on accommodation, food (by sharing huge portions), transport (taxis and tuktuks), and daytrips (more people – smaller price)
  • Two minds are better than one: we often had some sort of situation, where speaking with the other made reach better decisions, than you would have come to yourself; Like if there was some suspicion about scams, choosing accommodation, choice of transport and so on.
  • Give up control: You don’t always have to be alert, and can sometimes leave the control to the other if you are exhausted or not sure about what to do.
  • Trust: You always have a person with you that you can trust and be yourself with.
  • Sharing: Most experiences are best, if you have someone to share them with. You grow with the person, because you have been through the same things and can share these memories. This travel companion may then know you better than anyone else.
  • Safety: If you are two, the chance of being a victim is less, than if you are alone. The reasons for danger could either be violence, theft or scams but could also be within nature: wildlife and being of the beaten track.

These are seven good reasons to find yourself a companion but be careful: We’ve also come across people, that had split up from their travel companion because of different conflicts – even heard stories about best friends loathing each other in the end and couples breaking up. So if you chose to find a travel companion – chose wisely.

Lennart and I are used to be together and know what the other person wants. We have many of the same interests – and also often like the same sort of people. If you are looking for a travelcompanion –  a friend, family member, stranger etc. – talk about what you each like to see or do on your trip, and make sure to discuss how to plan, where to sleep (which standards) and your own boundaries.

Be sure that you travel with a person you trust and which is honest. This person should also be good at making discessions, so that you together are in control of what should happen. There has to be a good balance between you and conflicts have to be resolved in a respectful way.
There are probably times you are sick of each other, but you can always take a break from each other for a day or a week

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