Norway and Switzerland: Working in Skidestinations

When we finished highschool we started looking for jobs. I got a job at a grillbar, but although it was supposed to be a fulltime job, I never got enough hours. Lennart found a job in Germany, but the wage for working in tech support was very low and we just didn’t earn enough to save money for traveling.

We started looking for a job in Norway and got hired to work as waiters at a new hotel in a small skidestination for the winterseason. In ski destinations they often recruit seasonal workers, because of the increased number of guests. So here we worked very hard in three different restaurants and in our spare time we would go skiing.  This hotel was really exploiting its workers and was quite messed up. But we fought our cause and got all the money they owed us in the end.

Our second winter season we lived in Arosa for 5 months, which is a village in the alps of Switzerland. Here I waited tables in a cafe and Lennart sold bakery goods at the other branch. We decided to return the following winter. And the following winter. And then we stayed for a summer season and worked yet another winter.

Have you lost count? I always do. In total we have lived in Arosa almost two years, but we switched jobs at some point. In the end we worked at the ski-lifts. I sold tickets to the guests and Lennart brought them up the mountain in the lifts. These were our jobs until April 2017.
Now we want to try the digital nomad lifestyle and hope that it will finance our future travels.

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